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  • Welcome to our website!

    Zhejiang jiajun auto parts co., LTD specializing in the production of automobile, heavy automobile air brake booster, clutch booster, brake total pump, change gear shift booster. Brake gas chamber, air dryer series products, widely used in Japan, mitsubishi, 50 ling, nissan, kamath, Benz, iveco and other brand models. Jijun company has advanced equipment, professional technical team and strict quality control system. At the same time, we have passed the ISOI/TS16949 international quality management system certification. The products of "FCB", CB&HJ "HNTG" brand are exported to dozens of countries and regions in southeast Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Russia, and have established good sales channels and commercial reputation.

    • Quality comes from specialty

      The pursuit of perfection, ensuring the quality of products continuously updated, with international standards, follow up international standards, meet the market needs.
    • Focus on every detail

      Interpretation of product features and functions, professional design, manufacturing, processing, to ensure that the company's products of high quality, high efficiency.
    • Technical excellence team

      Strong competitiveness comes from the excellent R & D team, Jia Jun has a professional technical team, effectively enhance product R & D capability.
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